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Pint Glass, 16oz Colorful Sunset Wave - Japanese Art Style Waves Design 042

Pint Glass, 16oz Colorful Sunset Wave - Japanese Art Style Waves Design 042

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Height, in 5.90
Top diameter, in 3.30
Base diameter, in 1.00

Nothing can replace a pint glass except for another pint glass. These highly popular 16oz custom printed pint glasses can now accommodate personalized designs that add a unique touch to every sip. These long and transparent glasses are highly versatile, can make for a great housewarming gift, and are bound to be used in any household.

NB! This tumbler is made with a digital inkjet printing technique that transfers designs line by line. This means that faint horizontal lines might be visible on the final product.

.: One size: 16oz (0.473 l)
.: Material: clear glass
.: BPA free
.: Hand wash only
.: Durable construction
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

Introducing our Colorful Sunset Wave Pint Glass, 16oz - Waves Design #042, a mesmerizing fusion of Japanese artistry and the serene beauty of coastal waves. This pint glass isn't just a vessel for your favorite beverage; it's a canvas of cultural expression, a sip of tradition, and a celebration of the harmonious blend of natural landscapes and artistic imagination.

Key Features:

🌅 Japanese Sunset Wave Design: Waves Design #042 captures the essence of a Japanese sunset, meticulously rendered in a traditional art style. The blend of warm hues and intricate details creates a serene and visually captivating design. Every sip from this glass is a moment of cultural appreciation, reminiscent of the timeless beauty found in Japanese artworks.

🍺 Premium Glass Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality glass, this 16oz pint glass offers a refined and elegant drinking experience. The glass is smooth to the touch, enhancing your drinking pleasure. The Japanese sunset wave design is intricately applied, creating a sense of depth and artistry that elevates your beverage experience.

🎨 Cultural Elegance: The Colorful Sunset Wave Pint Glass is a tribute to the elegance of Japanese artistry. The traditional style, reminiscent of ukiyo-e woodblock prints, adds a touch of historical charm to your modern lifestyle. It's a perfect blend of past and present, allowing you to immerse yourself in the artistry of ancient Japan with every sip.

🌊 Coastal Tranquility: The pint glass not only captures the beauty of Japanese art but also harmonizes it with the peaceful allure of coastal waves. It symbolizes the seamless connection between humanity and nature, capturing the essence of tranquility found by the seaside.

🌟 Exclusive at This Colorful Sunset Wave Pint Glass, 16oz - Waves Design #042, is exclusively available at It represents our commitment to curating unique and culturally inspired pieces for our customers. Each pint glass is carefully inspected to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and artistic elegance.

A Gratitude to We extend our heartfelt thanks to for curating this exceptional pint glass, capturing the essence of Japanese artistry and coastal tranquility. Their dedication to blending cultural heritage with contemporary design has resulted in a glass that resonates with art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Sip into culture. Taste the elegance of tradition. Drink from artistic heritage. Order your Colorful Sunset Wave Pint Glass, 16oz - Waves Design #042, exclusively from, and let every sip be a journey through the artistic landscapes of Japan. Experience the art of drinking tradition.

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