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Pint Glass, 16oz Pipeline North Shore Oahu Perfect Wave 004

Pint Glass, 16oz Pipeline North Shore Oahu Perfect Wave 004

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Height, in 5.90
Top diameter, in 3.30
Base diameter, in 1.00


Nothing can replace a pint glass except for another pint glass. These highly popular 16oz custom printed pint glasses can now accommodate personalized designs that add a unique touch to every sip. These long and transparent glasses are highly versatile, can make for a great housewarming gift, and are bound to be used in any household.

NB! This tumbler is made with a digital inkjet printing technique that transfers designs line by line. This means that faint horizontal lines might be visible on the final product.

.: One size: 16oz (0.473 l)
.: Material: clear glass
.: BPA free
.: Hand wash only
.: Durable construction
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

Dive into the heart of surf culture with our Pipeline - North Shore, Oahu Perfect Wave Pint Glass. This isn't just a glass; it's a homage to the iconic Pipeline wave, a mecca for surfers and a symbol of wave-riding perfection.

Key Features:

🌊 Iconic Wave Design: The essence of this pint glass lies in its Wave Design #004, capturing the essence of the famed Pipeline wave on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Every detail, from the curling barrel to the rushing water, is meticulously crafted to bring the thrill of this iconic wave directly into your hands.

🍺 Perfect Pint: Crafted from high-quality glass, this 16oz pint glass is the perfect canvas for the Pipeline wave. Whether you're sipping your favorite beverage or displaying it as an art piece, this glass captures the spirit of surfing in every sip.

🌊 Surfer's Dream: Designed for wave enthusiasts, this pint glass is a celebration of the artistry and perfection found in the surfing world. It's not just a glass; it's a reminder of the adrenaline-fueled moments experienced by surfers tackling the mighty Pipeline wave.

🍺 Collector's Item: Whether you're a surfing aficionado or an art enthusiast, this Pipeline Pint Glass is a collector's item. It's a piece of surf history and a testament to the beauty of the ocean. Display it proudly in your home or gift it to someone who shares your passion for the waves.

Embrace the thrill of the surf with our Pipeline - North Shore, Oahu Perfect Wave Pint Glass, exclusively from Let each sip be a reminder of the beauty and power of nature. Elevate your drinking experience and pay tribute to the art of wave riding with this iconic glass.

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